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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spring Insight with Tomcat 6

I have been looking at ways to integrate Spring Insight and Tomcat 6. I cant use tc server because of reasons beyond my control.
Can anyone provide me with some details on how to do it?


Phoenix2Life said...

Technically, Spring Insight does not need tcServer to do its work. It can work with Tomcat, JBoss and other containers. The current easiest packaged solution to distribute it as a template for tc Server. Though the documentation is sparse on insight and integration with other containers, it's technically possible. Plus last I have read on stack overflow Apr month posts that "Tomcat and JBoss will be officially supported in a few months".

Here are some pointers for your perusal:

1. Please check spring forum Q&A on the same for getting pointers:


Please check an answer by JTravis, Spring Insight Lead, Spring at the bottom of the page


There are a few things that the Insight tc Server template does that you'll need to replicate in Tomcat:
- context.xml -- You will need to use the same configuration as we use (namely changing the valve and adding the weaving classloader)
- setenv.sh -- To get weaving information from the items in tomcat's /lib directory, you'll need to use our standard classloader.
- lib/* -- We have a variety of libs that must be in the tomcat top-level classloader to properly process traces.

Obviously the plugin and configuration for insight exists in insight/*, so you'll need all that as well. Let me know how it works out for you.

2. Nice link on Insight installation and configuration: http://static.springsource.com/projects/tc-server/6.0/devedition/devedition-single.html

3 . Please check configuring insight section here http://static.springsource.com/projects/tc-server/2.1/devedition/htmlsingle/devedition.html#install from Springsource Spring Insight documents.

"To install Spring Insight, you install the Developer Edition of tc Server and then create a new tc Runtime instance using the insight template....You configure Spring Insight by editing the insight.properties file, located in the insight directory of the tc Runtime instance. For example, if you installed the Developer Edition of tc Server in /home/tcserver and created an instance called insight-instance, then its configuration file is /home/tcserver/springsource-tc-server-developer/insight-instance/insight/insight.properties.". Just make sure to use appropriate Tomcat directories in place of tcServer.

Hopefully this helps.

Anuj said...

Thanks Phoenix. I did have a look at the Spring Forum thread and I would be trying the same as mentioned there. Will keep this page updated on any of my findings. Thanks for the pointers.